Gear transmission structure design considerations


Time:2024-01-12 15:47

Gear transmission structure design considerations:

1. The gear arrangement should be considered to facilitate the shaft and bearing force

2. The joint point of the two-direction teeth of the herron gear should enter the meshing first.

3. Gear shaft should be made when the gear diameter is small

4. The diameter of the gear root circle can be smaller than the shaft diameter

5. The width of the small gear should be greater than the width of the large gear.

6. The gear block should consider the distance cut by the tool when machining the gear.

7. The connection between gear and shaft should reduce the processing during assembly

8. Pay attention to ensure that the gear stiffness along the tooth width is consistent

9. Compensation for shaft deformation using uneven deformation of gears

10. The split gear should be separated without spokes.

11. The gear tooth surface hardening layer should not be interrupted

12. The bevel gear shaft must be fixed in both directions

13. Both large and small bevel gear shafts shall be capable of axial adjustment.

14. Bolts in the combined bevel gear structure shall not be subject to tension.