Knowledge of gear


Time:2024-01-12 15:40

What is gear?

Gears are toothed mechanical parts that mesh with each other. It is widely used in mechanical transmission and the whole mechanical field.

History of Gear

As early as 350 BC, the famous ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle had a record of gears in the literature. Around 250 BC, the mathematician Archimedes also described in the literature the use of a turbine worm hoist. In the ruins of Ketesfin in present-day Iraq, there are still gears of the BC era.

Gear also has a long history in our country. According to historical records, gears have been used in ancient China since 400-200 BC. The bronze gears unearthed in Shanxi, China, are extremely ancient gears that have been discovered so far. As a guide to reflect the achievements of ancient science and technology, it is a mechanical device with gear mechanism as the core. During the Italian Renaissance in the second half of the 15th century, the well-known all-round Leonardo da Vinci made indelible achievements not only in culture and art, but also in the history of gear technology. After more than 500 years, the current gear still retains the prototype of the sketch at that time.