Selection and maintenance of gear


Time:2024-01-12 15:46

Selection Guide

1. Select gears that meet the requirements of speed or modulus according to the calculation results of speed and modulus,

2. Determine the diameter and number of teeth of the gear according to the calculation result of the speed or the gear bite distance.

3. Choose whether to use spur gears, convex gears, helical gears, etc. according to practical functions such as speed, friction, transmission conversion angle and direction.

4. Choose wood, steel, plastic, and steel-plastic gears according to the material.

5, in the national standard to choose their own need to use standard gear.,

For maintenance, lubricating oil should be injected into the gear motor from time to time. When the motor is running, the rated current should not exceed the motor. The nameplate indicates the current value. Pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, pH and other issues from time to time. According to the product label, the environment should be kept within the appropriate temperature and humidity as much as possible to ensure the normal operation of the machine. If there is a problem or failure of the machine, it is necessary to carry out timely maintenance and treatment. During maintenance and disassembly, it is necessary to confirm that the external power supply is completely folded away from the reducer. If the geared motor is rotated at a low speed with the frequency converter, an independent auxiliary cooling fan shall be installed.