In 2020, Henan Anyang Xinpu Iron and Steel 60T Converter Dumping Device Complete Production

Maintenance of 120T Converter Dumping Device in Jianbang, Shanxi Province in 2020

In 2019, Linzhou Fengbao Pipe Industry 175T Diameter Reduction Box and Accessories

In 2018, Henan Wanda Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2400 rough rolling 135T reduction gearbox and output shaft

· 2017 Handan Iron and Steel Group 50T converter with large gear, first-stage reducer output gear shaft;

Large gear set for CHL18 flexible transmission device of sintering machine of Angang Bayuquan Branch; Large gear for 50T converter of Kungang Group.

In 2016, Kungang Group's converter was repaired with a reducer.

In 2016, Baoji Julong Company has one titanium plate cold and hot rolling mill (1750) each.

· 2015 Henan Wanda Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2400 casting mill, 1850 casting mill.

· 2015 Henan Wanda Aluminum Co., Ltd. XK9620 double-sided milling machine, ZGDJ200 band saw machine.

In 2015, Henan Wanda Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2450 a cold rolling unit, 1450 a cold rolling unit.

In 2014, Luoyang Kewei Tungsten and Molybdenum Co., Ltd. had one set of cold and one set of hot rolling mills.

In 2014, Zhengzhou Top Rolling Technology Company's ZGK 20-roll 1400 mill was exported to Romania.

In 2014, Hebei Wu 'an Yuhua Iron and Steel Company Φ 450 Rolling Mill Host.

In 2013, Henan Wanda Aluminum Co., Ltd. 2400 hot rolling host.

In 2013, Hebei Handan Hongri Metallurgical Co., Ltd. 3200 type medium and heavy plate hot rolling mill set of equipment.