Recruitment Information


Our perennial recruit:

1.Technical staff

1. Age is not limited, college degree or above, relevant enterprise working experience, skilled use of drawing software and windows office, and equipment design ability.

2. Three years or more working experience in mechanical design, able to get started.


2.General lathe worker, CNC lathe worker, vertical lathe worker, assembly fitter, driller, cylindrical grinder, digital display floor boring worker, heat treatment technician

1. Age is not limited, education is not limited

2. Three years and more than three years of machining experience or heat treatment related experience, can quickly familiar with the machine tool and the environment.


3.Apprentice, Design Apprentice

1. Age about 20 years old, education Secondary specialized school/technical school or above.

2. Strong willingness to learn, hard-working, team spirit.



Salary: Negotiable

1. Weekend single break

2. Shuttle shuttle

3. Year-end bonus

4. Wrong food

5. Holiday benefits

If you have any intention of joining, please call:

  13183070620(Manager Liu)