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An enterprise specializing in the production and processing of standard and non-standard medium and heavy-duty gear reducers, couplings and equipment and spare parts in metallurgy, petrochemical, coal, mining and other industries

Private enterprises engaged in the production and processing of medium and heavy gears, non-standard reducers, couplings and ferrous and non-ferrous metal rolling equipment, with nearly 40 years of machining experience.


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The company has 11 gear hobbing machines of various types, which can process straight and helical gears of M1.5 ~ M40 and diameter less than 4000mm. There are 5 numerical control forming grinding machines, of which ZP24 forming grinding machines produced by Niles of Germany can process straight and helical gears and gear shafts with M2 ~ M40, diameter of 2400 mm and length of less than 5000mm. In addition, Qinchuan machine tool produces YK73200 and YK73125 forming grinding machines, each can process straight and helical gears with 5 with diameters of 2000mm and 1250, it can process spur gears with M1.5 ~ M16 and inner diameter less than 1800mm; Three grinding machines with a processing range of Φ800mm and a length of less than 5000mm; One comprehensive detector for 1200 gears produced in KlingeInberg Germany; In addition, it also has 2 sets of Qi 2 machine tools Φ 200 floor boring and milling machines and 2 sets of 100T double-beam cranes; there are more than 140 sets (sets) of Φ 130 boring machine, 1250 slotting machine, 1.25 × 4 m CNC gantry milling machine, 1.6~3.5 m vertical lathe and other related supporting equipment. In 2014, a new heat treatment production line was installed, including two trolley resistance furnaces (3.5 m * 4 m), three well carburizing furnaces (2.5 m * 4 m Ф) and one high-frequency quenching device.

In recent years, our company has undertaken the supporting tasks of provincial projects, successively for the second rolling production line of Heilongjiang Xilin Iron and Steel Group Company (such as 1#-15# combined gearbox, etc.); The 120T converter cooling bed of Anyang Iron and Steel Group Company; The XGK-LD1400 20-roll complete rolling equipment of Zhengzhou Tuopu Rolling Technology Co., Ltd. is exported to Romania INTFOR Group; handan Hongri Metallurgical Co., Ltd. "3200 Four-high Medium Plate Rolling Mill Project" Complete Supply (e. g. 316992kg of roll changing side frame, 313948kg of transmission side frame, 103484kg of support roll changing tractor, 175792kg of work roll changing device, 16800 kg of reduction reducer, 3200 kg of copper nut, 13000 kg of reduction screw, kg of pusher, rotary roller and other components); Supply Scope of Henan Wanda Aluminum Rolling Mill Supply: roll changing frame 195450kg, transmission side frame 195400kg, pressing down reducer 12600kg, pressing down nut 3100kg, pressing down screw 9500kg, etc. (excluding electric control and electrical appliances); Shandong Laigang 4300 tractor reducer complete machine and spare parts (for example, the worm gear modulus is 32, the worm gear head number is 2, the pressure angle is 20, etc.); dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises such as the eleven-roll straightening machine of Luoyang Mining University Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. have provided the entire production line or the main engine. With excellent quality, quality service, reliable reputation has won the trust of the majority of users.





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