What is the main failure mode of high-speed and heavy-duty closed gear transmission?


Time:2024-01-12 15:36

The main failure forms of high-speed and heavy-duty closed gear transmission are tooth breakage, tooth surface wear, tooth surface pitting, tooth surface gluing and plastic deformation.

1. The gear teeth are broken. In a closed transmission, when the tooth surface of the gear is hard, the gear teeth are prone to break. In addition, when the gear is suddenly overloaded, the gear teeth may break.

2. Tooth surface wear. Tooth surface wear is one of the main failure forms of open gear transmission, and switching to closed gear transmission is a very effective way to avoid tooth surface wear.

3, tooth surface pitting. Pitting corrosion is the main failure form of closed gear transmission, especially on the soft tooth surface. Improving the anti-pitting ability of the tooth surface can improve the hardness of the gear material and add lubricating oil between the meshing teeth.

4. Tooth surface gluing. For high-speed and heavy-duty gear transmission, tooth surface gluing is prone to occur. In addition, low-speed and heavy-duty gear transmission will also produce tooth surface gluing failure, that is, cold gluing.

5. Plastic deformation. Plastic deformation generally occurs on the tooth surface with low hardness, but under heavy load, gears with high hardness will also appear.